Weather in Me

by Dovilė Aleksaitė

Inspired by the subjective Beaufort wind force scale and emotions map by Dr. David Hawkins, the work unfolds as a thirteen-unit scale uniting weather and emotions. Here, the wind gets stronger as emotional states become more destructive–from love and acceptance, they transfer to fear, apathy and shame. This is expressed through various soundscapes, spoken words and 3D visualizations. Each sound composition was developed by analyzing the particular emotional state from the Hawkins’ map. He based his research on kinesiology, which looks at the body, mind and spirit as a complete whole. Meanwhile, the Beaufort wind force scale marks one of the turning points in the modern weather forecasting, where subjective observations were standardized into the scale. Thus, the work reflects on the weather inside and outside a human and tries to unite the inner and outer worlds.

Sound design: Özcan Ertek, Dovilė Aleksaitė

1 Light Air
2 Light Breeze
3 Gentle Breeze
4 Moderate Breeze
5 Fresh Breeze
6 Strong Breeze
7 High Wind
8 Fresh Gale
9 Strong Gale
10 Storm
11 Violent Storm
12 Hurricane Force